00144978 Drain Pump Bosch With housing 144978

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144978 Drain Pump Bosch With housing Drain Pump (Genuine)


Alt Code: 00144978, 141896, BSH-144978, 142040, 141874, 00141874, 144978,

PMP230ASKOLL, 00141874 00144717 00143995 00142370 00172340 00144305 00144484 00141896 00145414 .

00144890 00144978, 614351


Suits: Bosch: WFL1600AU/01, WFO2060, WAE18060AU, WF02050AU/01, WFL1800AU, WFO2060, WFB1605AU/33,

WFB1602GB, WFD2060GB, WFB1602GB/33, WFB2405GB/36, WFD2060GB/01, WFD2473GB/08, WFB1602GB/36,

WFB4001GB/01, WFD2060GB/60, WFL100GB/12, WFB1605GB/36, WFB4001GB/02, WFD2061GB/01, WFL120GB/12,

WFB2002GB/33, WFB4002GB/01, WFD2070GB/01, WFL2000GB/01, WFB2002GB/36, WFB4002GB/02, WFD2071GB/05,

WFL2060GB/04, WFB2004GB/33, WFB4800GB/01, WFD2072GB/05, WFL2060GB/12, WFB2004GB/36, WFB4800GB/02,

WFD2073GB/05, WFL2062GB/12, WFB2005GB/33, WFC2060GB/01, WFD2460GB/01, WFL2066GB/01, WFB2005GB/36,

WFC2060GB/05, WFD2471GB/08, WFL2066GB/06, WFB2405GB/33, WFC2465GB/01, WFD2473GB/01, WFL2066GB/08,

WFL2260GB/01, WFL2462GB/12, WFO2464GB/01, WFR3267GB/04, WFL2260UK/01, WFL2463GB/12, WFO2860GB/01,

WVF2000GB/33, WFL2260UK/04, WFL246KGB/04, WFO2864GB/01, WVF2000GB/34, WFL226LGB/01, WFL2860GB/01,

WFO2867GB/15, WVF2000GB/36, WFL226LGB/04, WFL2872GB/05, WFR2460GB/01, WVF2400GB/34, WFL2450GB/01,

WFO2064GB/01, WFR2466GB/01, WVF2401GB/01, WFL2450GB/04, WFO2260GB/01, WFR2860GB/01, WVF2402GB/02,

WFL2450UK/12, WFO2264GB/01, WAE20260AU/01


Search Terms: Bosch washing machine drain pump, Bosch Front Loader Drain Pump, Bosch drain pump.

Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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