0188002218 Westinghouse Electrolux Chef Oven Seal Continuous 1560mm

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0188002218 Westinghouse Electrolux Chef Oven Seal Continuous 1560mm

Alt Code: 1769694, 1555850, 1735230


Simpson: 61C811W*03, 61C914W*03, 61C915W*03, 61C815W*03, 61C895W*03, 61C931W*03, 61D810W*00, 61D811W*00, 61D817W*00, 61D890R*00, 61D919W*00, 61D920W*00, 61D924W*00, 61D925W*00, 61D931W*00, 61D810W*18, 61D810W*19, 61D811W*19, 61D813W*00, 61D813W*19, 61D817W*15, 61D817W*18, 61D817W*19,  61D890R*15, 61D890R*18, 61D890R*19, 61D919W*15, 61D919W*18,61D919W*19, 61D920W*15, 61D920W*19, 61D924W*15, 61D924W*18, 61D924W*19, 61D925W*15, 61D925W*19, 61D931W*05, 61D931W*15, 61D931W*16 , 61D931W*19, 61F810W, 61F811W , 61F813W,61F817W , 61F890R, 61F919W, 61F920W , 61F920WP , 61F925W , 61F931W, 62F841WN*27 , 62F851W*27, 62F854W*27

Westinghouse: PAJ140W*00, PAJ143W*00, PAJ144W*00, PAJ161B*00, PAJ529B*00, PAJ501*00, PAJ501RS*00,  PAJ509R*00, PAJ509RC*00, PAJ518W*00, PAJ520W*00, PAJ521W*00, PAJ558W*00, PAJ140W*13, PAJ140W*18,PAJ140W*19, PAJ143W*13,  PAJ143W*18, PAJ143W*19, PAJ144W*13, PAJ144W*19, PAJ161B*13, PAJ161B*18, PAJ161B*19, PAJ501R*13, PAJ501R*18, PAJ501R*19, PAJ501RS*13, PAJ501RS*19, PAJ509R*13, PAJ509R*18, PAJ509R*19, PAJ509RC*13, PAJ509RC*15, PAJ509RC*16,  PAJ509RC*17, PAJ509RC*19, PAJ518W*13,   PAJ518W*18, PAJ518W*19, PAJ502W*13, PAJ502W*19, PAJ521W*13, PAJ521W*15,PAJ521W*16, PAJ521W*17, PAJ521W*19, PAJ529B*13, PAJ529B*18, PAJ529B*19, PAJ558W*13, PAJ558W*15, PAJ558W*16,PAJ558W*17, PAJ558W*19, PAJ140W827, PAJ143W*27 ,PAJ144W827 , PAJ161B*27, PAJ501R*27 , PAJ501RS*27 , PAJ509R827 , PAJ509RC*27 , PAJ518W827 , PAJ520W*27 PAJ529B*27, PAJ588W*27 ,PAJ521W827

Chef: EUC5110W*04, EUC5110W*18,EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*04, EUC5130W*18, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*20, EUC5140W*04, EUC5140W*19 ,EUC5140W*20, EUC5330W*04 , EUC5330W*19, EUC5330W*18, EUC5330W*20, EUC5340W*04, EUC5340W*19, EUC5340W*20, EUC5350W*04, EUC5350W*05 , EUC5350W*06 , EUC5350W*07, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*20, EUC5370W*19, EUC5370W*19, EUC5370W*20, EUC5390W*03 , EUC5390W*04, EUC5390W*05, EUC5390W*06, EUC5390W*07, EUC5390W*19, EUC5390W*20,


Electrolux: EBC5010W*04, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W*04, EBC5010W*18, EBC5010W*19, EBC5010W*20, EBC5030W*04, EBC5030W*18, EBC5030W*19,EBC5030W*20, EBC5040W*04, EBC5040W*19 ,  EBC5040W*20, EUC5110W*04, EUC5110W*19, EUC5130W*18, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*20, EUC5140W*04, EUC5140W*19, EUC5140W*20, EUC5330W*04 , EUC5330W*18, EUC5330W*19, EUC5330W*20, EUC5340W*04, EUC5340W*19, EUC5340W*20, EUC5350W*04 ,EUC5350W*05, EUC5350W*06, EUC5350W*07, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*20, EUC5370W*04 , EUC5370W*19, EUC5370W*20, EUC5390W*03, EUC5390W*04, EUC5390W*05, EUC5390W*06, EUC5390W*07 , EUC5390W*19,  EUC5390W*20,

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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