101-01 Fan Forced Element Most Delonghi, Blanco 2100W

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101-01 Fan Forced Element Most Delonghi models, CDA, ELBA, Blanco

192mm diameter56mm hole spacing on Mounting PlateShort neck 3 Loop central earth tab2 x double 6.3mm male spade connectors

Alternative Part Numbers: Delonghi 062097004, 482827,482657, EU084, 806890589. IM101-01, Blanco 050057R647 IRCA, 979907RL64, 20.41174.000, 1773596, 1784261, 1656653, 10926, 481225928947, FE-07, ME12570030

This is a Top quality Genuine IRCA fan forced Element for many brands and models

Suits Models: Smeg cmfps, cx100, a726g,

Delonghi: dmfps600,PMFPS60B, dmfps62, dmfps60bf, dmfpsii, dmfps11, domfpsi, emfps60b, lmfs60f, lmfw60, lmfs60, lmfsi, d90g, d926gii, d926gwf, dmfs901, ds61gw, dmfps90ii, de60ms, DE6060MD, TMFS60, DE60MS, LMFS60F, TMFPS60, DE6038MD (lower oven only, top oven requires 062133004 element, CMFS, CMFW, DMFPS60B, DMFPSII, DE605MW, DE605MS, CMFPS, DE60MW, DMFPS60, LMFW60F, DE60PSC, DEL604M, DEL607M, EMFPS60B, DE60MPB, DE60MPS, DMFPS60BF, DE608ARTB, DE608M, DE608ARTP, DE60EPS, DEL606P, DE609MP, DE608MW, DE908M, DE6010MT, DE60PYROS, PMFPS60B, APMFS, DEP909M, DE608MLH, DE608MRH, DE62MPB, DESIDESLH, DESIDESRH, DE62MPS, DE602EPS, DEF608E, DEL6038D, A726G, DE60E, DMFPS62B, EMFPS62BF, DMFPS62BF, DEF608GW, DE60GW, AP1246GWT, A1346G, DEF9085DGW

Nobel: nf60ss-1

Smeg: SCA712-3, SDO10-6

Blanco: BOSE902X, FEA491XN.145A

Euro; EA60SA E4F6SA,


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Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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