28164784 Oven Door Hinge LH RH Electrolux (Single Hinge)

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Oven Door Hinge LH RH Electrolux

ALT part numbers including: 28429784, 450001, 28175784, 9843, 1650320, 1548832, 1559363

Suits Models: PAR229ARGD-1, PAR229ARGDC-1, PAR229ARGDE-1, PAR229ARGDEC-1, PCR448ARGD-1, PCR448ARGDC-1, PCR449ARGDC-1, PCR449ARGD-1, POR243-1, POR243C-1, POR246GD-1, POR246GDC-1, PAR228T-1, PAR228TGD-1, PAR228TGDC-1, PAR228R-1, PAR228RGD-1, PAR228RGDC-1, PAR228A-1, PAR228AGD-1, PAR228ARGD-1, PAR228ARGDC-1, PAD518FB, PAD518FG, PAD518EFG, PCD506FB, PCD506EFB, PCD649QEFB, PAD630TFG, PAD630TEFG, POD646TFB, POD646TFG, POD646QFB, POD646QFG, POD638FB, POD638FG, PAD616FG, PAD616EFG, POD632ARB, PAD545QFB, PAD545QFG, PAD545QEFB, PAD545QEFG, PAD616EFB, PAD620QFG, PAD620QEFG, POD650QFG, GUB511, GUB512, GUB524F, GUB532, GUB534F, GUB554F, GUB622, GUB634F, GUB654F, GEB1022, GWB500, GWB600F, GWB700F, GHB44G, PAD151G15, PAD501R15, GUB510, GEB1044F, GHB40G, PCW449, PCW449E, PCW450, POW246, PAC516E, PAC535EF, PAC535F, PAC616F, PAC619EF, PAC619F, PAC629QEF, PAC629QF, PCC506F, PCC539QEF, PCC649QEF, POC632A, POD646SQFB-20, POD646SQFWO, POD646WQFWO-20, POD646TFB-20, POD638FW, POD638FB20, POD638SFB, POD638SFW, POD638SFWO, POD628QB, POD628QW, POD628QW20, POD628QCB, POD628QCW, POD628QCW20, POD628SQB, POD628SQW, POD628SQW20, POD628SQCB, POD628SQCW, POD628SQCW20, GHB40G1, GHB44G1, GWB500B, GWB500B13, GWB550FW, GWB550FW13, GWB500W, GWB500W13, GWB605FB, GWB605FB13, GWB550FB, GWB550FB13, GWB605FW, GWB605FW13, POD712SMB, POD712SMB-20/1, POD712SMWO, POD712SMWO-20/1, POD722SMB, POD722SMB-20/1, POD722SMWO, PAD620QFB12, PAD130, PAD131, PAD140, PAD505U, PAD505UE, PAD506UF, PAD141B, PAD142, PAD516, PAD516E, PAD506UEF, PAD616F, PAD616EF, PAD518F, PAD518EF, PAD545QF, PAD620QF, PAD620QEF, PAD630TF, PAD545QEF, PAD630TEF, PCD506F, PCD506EF, PCD539QEF, PCD649QEF, POD638F, POD650QF, POC700M, POD649QFB, POD649QFW, POD649QFWO, POD646SQFB, POD646TFW, POD646STFB, POC646QF, POD632AR, GUB512EK, POC650QF, AGUB524FEG, PAW219F, POD650QFB, POD710M, PAD161B, PAD505UB-11, PAD151G-15, PAD505UEB-11, PAD506UFB-10, PAD506UFB-11, PAD140W, PAD502UB, PAD501R-15, PAD507RF-12, PAD142W, PAD130W, PAD516W, PAD516EW, PAD507RF, PAD517GF-12, PAD517GF-15, PAD518FW, PAD518EFW, PAD519MFB, PAD527BF, PAD537NF, PAD506UEFB-11, PAD501R, PAD616FW, PAD620QFB-12, PAD616EFW, PAD620QFW, PAD620QEFW, PAD506UEFB-10, PAD519MFB-12, PAD505UB-12, PAD507RF-15, PAD151G, PAD506UFB-12, PAD171N, PAD517GF, PAD506UEFB8, POD646QF, POD646STFWO, PAD630TFB, PAW229EF,APOD638FB

*Special Order Item Dispatch 7 to 14 Business days*

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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