296021 Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump

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296021 Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump

To suit: AEGV50630 LAV62800 LAV74810 LAV88810 LAV50800 LAV62810 LAV74820 LAVALOGIC1610 LAV50810 LAV62820 LAV76800 LAVALOGIC1620 LAV52600 LAV64600 LAV76810 LAVW1050 LAV52810 LAV64810 LAV76820 LAVW1059 LAV54600 LAV66600 LAV86800 LAVW1159 LAV54810 LAV74700 LAV86810 LAVW1250 LAV62600 LAV74800 LAV88800 LAVW1450BOSCHWFB2405GB/33 WFL2260GB/01 WFL2450GB/01 WFL2860GB/01 WFD2460GB/01 WFL2260UK/01 WFL245SGB/04 WFO2464GB/01 WFL100GB/12 WFL2260UK/04 WFL2462GB/12 WVF2000GB/34 WFL2000UK/01 TRICITY BENDIXAW1000W AW1260W AW1560W BIW123W AW1001W AW1400W AW850W BIW125W AW1200W AW1401W BIW104W BIW126W AW1201W AW1460W BIW105W BIW145WZANUSSIF1045W FS1255W ZWF1012W ZWF1221S F1203W FS1355W ZWF1020W ZWF1221W F1245W FS1455W ZWF1021W ZWF1230W F1256W FS1555W ZWF1112W ZWF1231W FA8023 FX1165W ZWF1210W ZWF1237W FR1250W FX1265W ZWF1211W ZWF1240W FR1450W FX1365W ZWF1217W ZWF1241W FS1055W FX1465W ZWF1218W ZWF1415W FS1155W ZWF1010W ZWF1220S ZWF1420W FS1255S ZWF1011W ZWF1221G ZWF1421SZWF1421W ZWF1440W ZWF1631W ZWF1850 ZWF1430S ZWF1441W ZWF1640S ZWV1651S ZWF1430W ZWF1450W ZWF1640W ZWX1505W ZWF1431S ZWF1451W ZWF1650W ZWX1506W ZWF1431W ZWF1521W ZWF1651W ZWX1605W ZWF1434W ZWF1621W ZWF1840 ZWX1606W ZWF1437W ZWF1630W

Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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