00361127 Bosch Compatible Boot Washing Machine Gasket/Seal

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361127 Washing Machine Boot gasket Bosch Compatible

suds resistant, with nozzle for shower system.

Alt code: 00361127


Bosch: WAE18061AU/01, WAE18061AU/21, WAE20261AU, WAE20261AY, WFO2060AU, WFO2460AU/13, WFR2830, WFX2830AU/01, WFX2830AU/10, WFX2830AU/11 WFX2830AU/15, WFX2830AU/20, WAE20262AU/01, WAE22461AU/01, WAE24462AU/01, WAE24462AU/24, WAE24462AU/29, WAE20261AU/01, WFO2430AU08 WFO2050AU08 WFX2830AU15 WFX2830AU11 WFR3230AU09 WFO2050AU01 WFX2830AU10 WFR3230AU11 WFX2830AU01 WFR3230AU12 WFR3230AU05 WFR3230AU04 WFO2430AU01 WFO2060AU14 WAE24271AU01WFX2830AU24 WFX2830AU20 WAE22462AU01 WAE22462AU24 WAE24272AU29 WAE24463AU01 WAE24463AU12 WAE24463AU24 WAE24463AU25 WAE24463AU27 WFO2060AU13 WFO2460AU01 WFR2830AU01 WFR2830AU04 WFR2830AU05 WAE22464AU01 WAE22464AU25 WAE22464AU26 WAE22464AU27 WFR2830AU11 WFR2830AU13 WAE22461AU01 WAE22463AU01 WAE22463AU24 WAE24461AU01 WAE24462AU01 WAE24462AU24 WAE24462AU29 WF02050AU/01 WAE24272AU01 WAE20262AU01 WAE18061AU21 WAE20261AU WAE18061AU01 WAE28469GB17 WFO2060AU WAE20261AU01 WFO2460AU13 WFO2060AU01 WAE24271AU01 WAE20262AU29 WAE20261AY WAE24272AU/01 WAE-20262AU/0, WAE24271AU/01, WAE22464AU/27

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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00361127 Bosch Compatible Boot Washing Machine Gasket/Seal
$49.00 inc. GST

Availability: 7 in stock