00424099 Dishwasher Impeller Jug Bosch WATER FLOW METER (Genuine)

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00424099 Impeller Jug Bosch Water Flow Metre (Genuine)

Alt: 00424099, 1692471,

Suits: sgu53e15au/10, SGS65M08AU/10, SGU53E15AU, SGS65M08AU/15, SGI33E25AU/22, SGU53E75AU/82, SGU53E75AU/01, SGU43E25AU/05, SE3KLE2AU/82, SGI33E25AU/23, SGS43B22AU/49, SGS43B22AU/56, SGI4335AU/49, SGI4335AU/70, SGV53E03AU/09, SGV53E03AU/10, SGV53E03AU/14, SGV53E03AU/15, SGI43A25AU/49, SGI43A25AU/56, SGI43A25AU/70, SGI55E45AU/70, SGI55E45AU/76, SGI55E55AU/01, SGI55E55AU/82, SGI55E55AU/86, SGI55E55AU/93, SE3KLE1AU/02, SE3KLE1AU/04, SE3KLE1AU/05, SE3KLE1AU/10, SE3KLE2AU/01, SGU55E05AU/76, SE3KLE2AU/86, SGD85E02AU/30, SGD85E02AU/76, SGU43E15AU/21, SGU43E15AU/22, SGU43E15AU/23, SGU43E25AU/02, SGU43E25AU/04, SGU43E25AU/11, SGU53E05AU/30, SGU53E05AU/71, SGU53E05AU/76, SGU53E05AU/77, SGU53E15AU/09, SGU53E15AU/14, SGU53E15AU/15, SGU53E75AU/86, SGU55E05AU/30, SGU55E15AU/09, SGU55E15AU/10, SGU55E15AU/14, SGU55E15AU/15, SGU55E55AU/01, SGU55E55AU/82, SGU55E55AU/86, DI230130AU/70, DI230130AU/76, DI230130AU/77, DI230130AU/82, DI230130AU/93, SGI33E25AU/21, SGS55E42AU/01, SGI43E25AU/02, SGI43E25AU/03, SGI43E25AU/04, SGI43E25AU/05, SGI53E15AU/09, SGI53E15AU/10, SGI53E15AU/14, SGI53E15AU/15, SGI53E15AU/16, SGS65M08AU/09, SGS65M08AU/10, SGS53E72AU/01, SGS53E72AU/82, SGS53E72AU/86, SGS55E12AU/16, SGS53E02AU/30, SGS53E02AU/77, SGS53E02AU/76, SGS55E12AU/09, SGS55E12AU/10, SGS55E12AU/14, SGS55E12AU/15, SGS55E02AU/30, SGS55E02AU/76, SGS56E18GB01, SGS55E42AU/86, SGS55E42AU/82, SGU53E15AU/10 & Many more

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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