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4681EA2002F Genuine LG Drain Pump Motor

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4681EA2002F LG Drain Pump Motor

Alt: AP5257746, 4681EA2002B, 5859EN1004B, 4681EA2001A, 1674560, P108LG

Suits: Dishwashers and Washing Machines

LG: LD1204W, LD-1204W1, LD-1415M, LD1415M1, LD1415W1, LD1416T, LD-1419M2, LD-1419T2, LD-1419W2, LD1420B2, LD1420I2, LD1420T1, LD1420W2, LD1421T2, LD1421W2, LD1426T, LD2040W, LD2040W1, LD4031W, WD11020D, WD11020D1, WD12021D6, WD1248RD, WD12490FD, WD1255RD, WD1256RD, WD12570FD, WD12576FD, WD12585FD6, WD13050SD, WD1320D1, WD13020D, WD1412RD, WD1438RD, WD-1460F, WD-8015C, WD-80130F, WT-R801, WT-R852, LD-1204M1,   LD-1204W,   LD-1204W1,   LD-1403W,   LD-1403W1,   LD-1415M,   LD-1415M1,   LD-1415T1,   LD-1415W1,   LD-1416T,   LD-1419M2,   LD-1419T2,   LD-1419W2,   LD-1420B2,   LD-1420I1,   LD-1420I2,   LD-1420T1,   LD-1420T2,   LD-1420W2,   LD-1421T2,   LD-1421W2,   LD-1426T,   LD-14AT2,   LD-14AT3,   LD-14AW2,   LD-14AW3,   LD-2120W,   LD-4050W,   LD-4080T,   LD-4120M,   WD-1019BD,   WD-1074FHB,   WD11020D,   WD11020D1,   WD12020D,   WD12021D6,   WD-1219BD,   WD-1227RD,   WD-1248RD,   WD12490FD,   WD-1255RD,   WD-1256RD,   WD12570FD,   WD12576FD,   WD12580D6,   WD12585FD6,   WD12595D6,   WD12595FD6,   WD-1274FHB,   WD13020D,   WD13020D1,   WD13050SD,   WD14022D6,   WD-1412RD,   WD-1433RD,   WD-1435RD,   WD-1438RD,   WD14700RD,   WD-1480RD,   WD-8013F,   WD-8016F,   WD-8050FH,   WT-R801,


Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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