D104 Safety Cutout Thermostat 110°C Normally Closed

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safety thermostat 110 degrees Celsius Normally Closed,

KSD301 240v 16A 110c NC. This Part is quality ceramic/metal (not plastic)

Alt: 1691504, BSH 00030057, 30057, 041199009912R


Blanco: OE604GG, BOSE63X, OE606X, OE604XP, BSO60X, BOSE65X, OE608TXHN, OE608TX

Siemens: WT3112/02, WT53000/02, WT53001/01, WT53010/02, WT54000/01, WT54001/01, WT54010/01, WT54200/01, WT54210/01, WT54600/01, WT54610/01, WT54800/01, WT3110/02

This is a high quality aftermarket part for many brands/models

Cutout is normally closed at room temperature and opens when the rated temperature is reached. It resets to closed when the temperature drops below the rated temperature.

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Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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