W90165 Genuine Bautmatic/Glem/Emilia Oven Door Hinge (Single Hinge) 019362

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W90165 Baumatic, Emilia, Glemgas, Oven door hinge

Alt: 1656127, TE036, GL019362, 431116, 3120857,1731847, 019362, 92984509, XGL019362,
Suits: Blanco Emilia Glem,Technika, Baumatic

Technika: GHEO9TW ,GHE09TW, GHEO9T * Technika factory part NLA B Type Hinge. Closest match available without having to replace whole oven. You will need to order both hinges at the same time. You will notice your hinge vs replacement hinge have different shaped arms, The new hinges without the bend will still allow the oven door to function. *

Emilia: EN865E1 , EL965MVI, EN865MI, E1865MVI, EN965MVI , EI965MVI , EL865MVIL, EL965EIL, EN965EI ,EL865MVI, EL865EI, EL965EI DAN, EN965MI, AL965EI-2, eI865eI Serial s/10293935, EI965EI

Baumatic: BT2450, BT2550, BT2740SS, BT2745SS, BC2720SS, BT2720SS, BT2770SS, PCC1220SS, PCE9220SS, PCG9200SS, BT2431SS, Bt2950

*Please note: This is the main oven ‘old type’ hinge for models with serial number up to 10421843*

Glemgas: EL865MVI, EL865MVI ,EI965GGEI ,EL965GGEB, NL963GI

Hinge support/roller suitable for these hinges: SEE PART # 07029558


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Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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